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Author Topic: Shetland Pony makes liquor store its own personal shetland...  (Read 2011 times)

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We need to get this on the show...

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Re: Shetland Pony makes liquor store its own personal shetland...
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2013, 04:36:38 pm »
This video sparked a pretty funny "pretend we're the guys in studio" jam session on the Twitter... I'm sure there are more ponies to be found in this steaming pile! Join in!

David Cinnamints ‏@DavidCinnamints:
We need to make this happen...

The Great Bluedini ‏@GreatBluedini4
That customer's behavior stinks s/DDB

The Great Bluedini ‏@GreatBluedini4
I guess thats why liquor stores dont allow any horseplay s/Matty

David Cinnamints ‏@DavidCinnamints
"I could go for something to sheet." @danbeyeronfox #JayMohrSports

David Cinnamints ‏@DavidCinnamints
And the pony is pooping on the floor. /s/ POB Play-by-play #JayMohrSports

The Great Bluedini ‏@GreatBluedini4
Maybe he ordered a gin and colonic

Brad Hutchings ‏@BradHutchings
Well Jay, that horse turned the liquor store into its own personal Shet-land. #YEEAAAAAHHHHH #JayMohrsports

Brad Hutchings ‏@BradHutchings
Hey Jay, would it be OK if I rode the pony? -Greg "Down a Fraggle Rock!" #JayMohrSports

Brad Hutchings ‏@BradHutchings
"At the EOTD, if your comedy isn't organic, it's really just a bunch of horse manure." -Don Martin #Shetlandia #JayMohrSports

Brad Hutchings ‏@BradHutchings
"That was really a horse of different color." -- DD. "What's his color have to do with it?" -- JJ.

David Cinnamints ‏@DavidCinnamints
@BradHutchings "Matty get off your high horse" /s/ Everybody making funny of Matty #JayMohrSports

Brad Hutchings ‏@BradHutchings
Yes, @JayGray73, thanks to you, we can now say the word "shet" on the radio.

Brad Hutchings ‏@BradHutchings
"Has anyone here seen my missing monkey?" <--- 51 year old guy with Shetland pony at liquor store.

Brian C60 ‏@Brian_C60
Clean Up Aisle Poo!

Darin Schroeder ‏@darin_schroeder
tell him last time you saw it he was getting ready to race a bear on a bicycle

J. Cobb ‏@The_J_Cobb
Gives a whole new meaning to the term "penny pincher." #PinchOneOff #CanisaySphincter?
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