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Jay Mohr Sports / The Rich Eisen celebrity parade
« on: November 13, 2014, 10:57:38 pm »
So, I am without Jay Mohr now, living in Indy. 3-6 is a local show, plus with a 5 month old I don't have time to listen to the podcasts. It sucks, but such is life. That said, I have tuned in to the Rich Eisen show, and every time I do he has some guest on. Sometimes it's a sports figure, most of the time it's an actor or some other celebrity. JFC it's terrible. Screw Fox Sports for fvcking with JJs time slot. Eisen is going to be dreadful after the NFL season....worse than he is now. And I liked him on ESPN back in the day and on the NFL network. But radio, why??

Jay Mohr Sports / Here come the spammers....
« on: November 07, 2013, 06:37:36 am »
Having been a part of a once fun, now dead local sports radio message board...I see the end coming for this board. I just think it is sad...I am on twitter but find message boards a lot less cumbersome. Weeding through 4,532 tweets just isn't my thing. JJ, pimp the board. On the local board, we had a ton of laughs and actually got together for beers, golf, football, etc. in real life (local show, I know it can't be done on a national level). But it died out as we all moved on with life, and the same thing happened as people migrated to twitter. And the last thing left were the dreaded spammers with their "sales" of fake Prada, Gucci, and other crap.

I'd hate to see that happen to this board. Again, not all of us are huge twitter fans. Stucknut, for better or worse, seems to be chugging along ok...

Jay Mohr Sports / Fox Sports off Sirius/XM?
« on: October 18, 2013, 01:00:41 pm »
Went to listen today, and channel 247 is not Fox Sports. Robot voice saying "this channel is no longer available." WTF? I can listen on my phone, but I have a portable XM player in my car that lets me pause the show (I am in and out of my car all day due to my job)...which is cool bc I don't miss any of the show that way. Sirius's website still has Fox Sports listed....

Jay Mohr Sports / RIP...this board.
« on: October 11, 2013, 08:59:52 pm »
Wow, no new topics since Sept. 27th? I know Twitter is all the rage, but jeez!

Jay Mohr Sports / Maybe lighten up on the podcast inside stuff?
« on: September 12, 2013, 10:03:32 pm »
JJ, I love the show as much as anyone, but lately it seems that the Fake Mustache podcast stuff is creeping into the show more and more. I get it, cross promotion, but I simply don't have the time to listen to all (even a few) podcasts. I listened to the Rhonda Rousey one. That's it.  So when Bobbi Dooley or Bob Marly comes on and I have no idea why it's funny bc I don't listen to the podcasts, you lose me...not trying to be a total bitch, but maybe explain stuff a little better or lighten up on it. It tends to muddle the show IMO.

I love when JJ does 40s announcer guy on the lets see who can come up with good material for him to use on the air. I'll go...

Looks like the manager and ump are getting into a real chinwag. (That was in the movie "42" so I can't claim it)
Hey boys! The war is over! Let's go down to the ol' be-bop and score us a few broads
Hey JJ, with that hair you got, you're going to be a chrome dome before the rooster crows
I tell ya man, this whole computer thing, it's a real gas
I'll tell ya, that Von Miller is gettin' a bum rap
Goodell thinks he's the big cheese, but he's all wet
I had me a little too much giggle water last some flat tire is laying next to me

Feel free to add on...these are my real doozies

Jay Mohr Sports / JJ/POB/Mike Silver Twitter war
« on: September 06, 2013, 08:58:10 pm »
Started with the comments today....Went into meltdown mode this evening. I don't always love POB, but he's a legend in the sports business. Silver insulted him a few days back (Pat asked him about the upcoming NFL games, and Silver spouted off some line like "don't you have the sports ticker there in front of you?") and then had the balls to keep on talking shit on Twitter. Props to JJ, POB, and some THTC members for calling out Silver. What a d-bag

Jay Mohr Sports / Is JJ paying Martin Lawrence royalties??
« on: August 27, 2013, 07:26:23 pm »
Because every time I hear "Big Mama Got It All"...I immediately think of Lawrence's "Big Mama's House" character. And no, not Madea, she has too much of a twang. Definitely Big Mama's House.

That said, it's still funny as hell

Jay Mohr Sports / Fox Sports 1
« on: July 03, 2013, 03:11:46 pm »
For God's sake, I can't wait for the stupid promos for Fox Sports 1 to end!! If I have to hear that chick from the Black Eyed Peas screach "llletttts get it started..." one more time, I might just drive off a cliff. August 17th can't get here soon enough.

Jay Mohr Sports / Buzz Wiliams recruits LeBron, hilarity ensues.
« on: June 10, 2013, 10:26:06 pm »
That segment was pretty damn funny...even Don got in on it. I loved when JJ went off the rails and suggested everyone take their shirts off. Props to Buzz for being a good sport. That bit epitomizes why JJ is so much better than his predecessor. Can you even imagine Rome trying that? No way in hell, not today.
Ballwash over....

Jay Mohr Sports / JJ "bananas" drinking game
« on: May 09, 2013, 11:55:38 pm »
All in good fun, but if those of us that partake were to do a shot every time JJ says "bananas" during a show, would any of us survive the day? I think I would be in the ER during the 2nd hour on some days. I know JJ would be fine since he doesn't drink, but this would not be for the lightweights. We should have "Bananas Saturday" where we take a podcast of a show the prior week, then "shoot it!" every time JJ says bananas...

To summarize, JJ says bananas a lot

Jay Mohr Sports / Sound drops that get stuck in your head....
« on: May 05, 2013, 08:51:25 pm »
Anyone else hear a drop on the show that just sticks with you all day or even days after? I end up repeating them to my wife and friends, but especially my wife. First was that fast "no no no.." It's like 9 no's in a row, she loved that..... Then it was Brain's "It thought you were going to say a joke." "Hey Matty" is ongoing bc my Doberman is named Maddie....this weekend it was Beyer's "I could go for something to eat." Seriously, this show has infiltrated my head. And my wife is about to kill me.

Jay Mohr Sports / Funniest show today....
« on: April 11, 2013, 09:57:49 pm »
The best parts of JJ's show is when it goes off the rails. Today was the funniest show ending to date, IMO...Don doing any job, Brain's diamond push-ups, the Diamond Dan open, I was literally laughing out loud. Ballwash over.

Jay Mohr Sports / Sound drop origins....non sports
« on: March 26, 2013, 09:01:08 pm »
Just for kicks, let's see if we can name the origins of the sound drops on the show. I am excluding sports drops bc most people know them. if you don't feel free to ask. Obviously some drops are from the show itself so they're excluded too (Brain's "shoot it!" for example)
I know some and don't know others. Feel free to enlighten me.

Hey Matty!-from Tombstone when Ike yells to Wyatt Earp's wife (Madeline)...thanks to JayGray for clearing that one up
"I didn't say that...yes you did, no I didn't, yes you did, I know that"- Martin Short on SNL, don't know when or what character and I have searched the interwebs bc it annoyed me that I didn't know.
Matty died of a drug overdose- no idea, don't think it's from Tombstone though
I do favors for you all the time/you said I was alright Henry- from Goodfellas
He's a good kid- no clue
What's the world comin' to!?!?- I think it's DeNiro but I don't know the film
Down at Fraggle Rock- ummm, from Fraggle Rock? Shot in the dark there.
Hong Kong Phooey- theme song from the short-lived cartoon in the 70s- thanks to bignasty826 for that one
Look at the game tape!!!- If you don't know that is Tracy Morgan, wow. It's kind of sports related but he is a comic as well, so I am including it.
I'm an idiot- from a caller who said it and then hung up
You're a dork- can't remember but it may have been a caller from Rapid Fire??
 And finally, for me, the intro to Rapid Fire has a guy speaking Spanish REALLY fast- must have missed that one too

Have at it, Mohrriors

Jay Mohr Sports / Pat O'brien is an azz
« on: March 06, 2013, 10:18:58 pm »
Dude interrupts JJ on the air, while he is interviewing a guest, accusing someone on JJ's crew for taking his chair? What a dick move. Old Patty thinks he's better than everyone bc he is as old as dirt and is a "big star" and used to call NBA games back in the short shorts era...we haven't forgotten the voicemail, Pat. "I just want to get crazy with you..." Lol

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