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Jay Mohr Sports / Donald Penn's xmas shopping for kids
« on: November 30, 2016, 05:49:44 pm »
Hey Jay, listened to yesterdays piece with Donald Penn from Raiders and his intent of taking 25 kids on a xmas shopping spree.  It was gracious of you to add $50 to each kids' shopping allotment.  What I thought would be even cooler, is if you donated that with the stipulation that each kid use that $50 to buy and donate toys for/to OTHER disadvantages kids.  Not only would the kids be getting a wonderful xmas from Donald's $200 he's providing, but it might also show them the joy and generosity of giving to others as well (even though they are not using their own money, the gesture and act of buying something for someone else and giving it to them would be an invaluable life lesson at a young age...who know's what it might spark in these young impressionable lives...).  I tried to send this same sentiment to Donald's camp but couldn't find any contact info for him...keep up the great work!!

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