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Starring actor, comedian, sports personality and radio host Jay Mohr, Mohr on Sports features the latest sports news, in addition to conversations with top athletes and celebrities. The live, daily sports talk and entertainment program is highlighted by Mohr's trademark comedic style and unique perspective as a multi-media star, coupled with his engaging personality and interaction with listeners.

Monday - Friday 3:00pm - 6:00pm ET

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Mohr Stories 308: Dean Delray Play Podcast
In this episode, Dean Delray says, "I'm not a Godfellas guy" as well as "I'm not a Beatles guy" arguing ensues. Our list of "underrated". Put Your Name On It!

Mohr Stories 307: Nick Swardson Play Podcast
About 15 years ago, Nick Swardson was my opening act. Imagine how lucky I was to watch him do stand up comedy every single night. We talk a lot of non sense in this episode an a lot about Phoenix being a great comedy town. Put Your Name On It!

Mohr Stories 306: Greg Proops Play Podcast
Greg Proops has my favorite podcast. The Smartest Man in the World and I talk baseball teams and Ex-Presidents. Put Your Name On It!


Mohr Stories Classics: John DiMaggio #137 Play Podcast
If you don't laugh during this podcast you need to see a doctor...Seriously. Put Your Name On It!

Mohr Stories 305: Adam Carolla Play Podcast
With apologies to the late James Brown, Adam Carolla is the hardest working man in show business. Sex robots?!?! Put Your Name On It.

Mohr Stories Classics: Charlie Sheen Play Podcast
Put Your Name On It.

Mohr Stories 304: John C. McGinley Play Podcast
You know John C. McGinley from the movie Platoon and the TV Show probably don't know the size of his beautiful heart. A powerful episode. Put Your Name On It.

Mohr Stories 303: Jay Mohr Play Podcast
Put Your Name On It.

Mohr Stories 302: Jerry Ferrara Play Podcast
Actor and producer Jerry Ferrara stops by to tell us about new projects. Put Your Name On It.

Mohr Stories Classics: Marc Maron Play Podcast
Mohr Stories Classic...In which Jay talks with guest Marc Maron

Mohr Stories 301: Anthony Jeselnik Play Podcast
Host of Last Comic Standing. We talk about Norm McDonalds genius and audiences. Put Your Name On It.

Mohr Stories 300: Nick Kroll Play Podcast
Mr. 300...Nick Kroll. Put Your Name On It!!!