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Jay Mohr Sports / Sunglasses indoors
« Last post by Bit4160 on February 16, 2016, 06:43:17 pm »
Jay Mohr you crushed me at 6 pm eastern time. Your comment that only blind people and assholes wear sunglasses inside is far from true and insulting. There is a condition that bone marrow transplant patients are susceptible to. One component is the body's inability to make moisture causing the eyes to dry out.  There is a lens available in Boston but the cost without travel expenses is $6000. Most transplant patients can't afford them and the only temporary relief from any kind of light is to wear sunglasses indoors. A picture of me was posted on a popular radio show's website once in NY and the listeners were brutal. So, for your information I am not blind or an asshole   Today sir, you are the asshole in my opinion.
By the way I'll keep listening. I love your show. Just please keep your facts straight up.
Jay Mohr Sports / Re: Vaughn Miller nick names
« Last post by bjax420 on February 11, 2016, 07:39:47 am »
Vaughn????? What a Dumb Ass!!!!
Jay Mohr Sports / Re: Vaughn Miller nick names
« Last post by Steve in HTown on February 09, 2016, 03:14:24 pm »
 :uhh his name is Von
Jay Mohr Sports / Vaughn Miller nick names
« Last post by joediver on February 09, 2016, 02:51:43 pm »
 Come on ... "The Rooster" Vaughn Miller Boom. Drop the mic. I'm out
Jay Mohr Sports / helmets
« Last post by tonewall on February 05, 2016, 04:43:30 pm »
Enjoy your show...listen daily....heard you talking about concussions and helmets the other day as a life long motorcyclist and one time pro racer I have had and have dealt with concussions a long time..   New helmet designs are out there that significantly cut injury and effects of is one....its probably Riddell does not want to pay to use the patent.....thanks for your concern in this needs to be address ASAP.      steve jackson...listener...
Jay Mohr Sports / Re: my thoughts on why this show stinks
« Last post by J. Cobb on January 22, 2016, 10:55:52 pm »
This is a great thread. I had a lot of these same feelings, even prior to Toohey leaving. When I posted about them in my blog,, JJ blasted me, then back handed complimented me, accused me of lying and being a back stabber, and then deleted all of the tweets after I had responded on Twitter. I can't stand the sychophants and his hypocrisy. Show turned to garbage. Obvious lack of prep. Mismanaging of the interviews, calls, and tweets. Listener generated content took a dump after Matty left. But, JJ's talented, I wish he was in a place or position where he could thrive.
I wanted to create an updated forum for the sound drops and music beds for the show currently in use. Any fan of the show can pick up on how integral music beds and sound drops are to the show. This should provide a space for Jay and veteran listeners/Mohrriors to provide answers to new listeners and fans of the show. One example I always get now is about the guest update anchors' music Top 3 at 5: what plays is Steve DeSagher's music?
Jay Mohr Sports / Re: Jay Mohr nominated for Grammy
« Last post by PopsGeez on January 05, 2016, 05:00:15 pm »
Proud of jayjay
Houston area company  8)

I've always associated them with the drag races in Baytown.
Royal Purple is a premium line of automotive motor oil and other products.  Apparently with their sponsorhip a bowl game, their trying to increase their profile, such as Mobil 1 or Lucas Oil.  Also, everytime I see a new movie coming out starring Owen Wilson, I ask myself, "Why isn't Jay Mohr starring in that instead"?  Maybe Barry Katz is NOT the best agent for you.
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