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Jay Mohr Sports / Re: Jay Mohr nominated for Grammy
« Last post by bjax420 on December 08, 2015, 08:34:25 am »
Alright Hamilton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HEY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jay Mohr Sports / Jay Mohr nominated for Grammy
« Last post by Steve in HTown on December 07, 2015, 12:34:14 pm »

The Grammy nominations for 2016 were announced today, and many of the nominees for best comedy album took to Twitter to share their reactions to the news.

Louis C.K.'s Live at Madison Square Garden, Lisa Lampanelli's Back to the Drawing Board, Wyatt Cenac's Brooklyn, Jay Mohr's Happy. And A Lot. and Craig Ferguson's Just Being Honest were all nominated for best comedy album.

congrats jayjay!!
Jay Mohr Sports / No more Rapid Fire
« Last post by bjax420 on December 01, 2015, 09:41:16 am »
maybe one of my favorite parts of the show, now it's sound drop recap.  This sucks!!!!! What a shitty idea!  C'mon man........Bring back Rapid Fire JJ!!!!! HEY MAN!!!!!!
Jay Mohr Sports / Re: my thoughts on why this show stinks
« Last post by RomeIsBetter on November 30, 2015, 01:13:05 pm »
Yeah, the "positivity" crap is such garbage. It's his excuse for bland, milk toast corporate sports radio. Beneath it all, he is a bully who scours the interwebs looking for negative posts about his show and then rubs how much money he makes for how little work he does in people's faces. Say what you will about Rome, Rome has NEVER done that. He also has a bizarre grudge/vendetta against Rome for some reason. Anyone remember when he was going to sabotage the Smackoff by calling as Mark from Boston?

We all expected this show to be like it was when JJ used to sit in for Rome, anything goes, doing Tracy Morgan followed by Walken followed by Berman followed by reading commercials as Keitel, etc. For the first 6 months to a year it kind of was like that. Then probably the suits got involved, which, whatever, the dude has a family to feed, but it's still disappointing. The way he urged fans to not get angry about switching timeslots was chickenshit. Rome or Stern in their primes would have had their fans burn Premiere's offices down, instead we got "oh, please don't call Rapid Fire and say Rich Eisen sucks". Plus it's obvious that he doesn't like sports that much, or even watch them much. He talks about the Dodgers more than any other team (despite the slight flaw of not being on in LA anymore) yet can't pronounce Yasiel Puig's name right. Last time I bothered listening was the day after the Lions-Seahawks MNF game. 5 minutes into the show JJ had nothing to say about that game, so he played AN ENTIRE INTERVIEW from the 2013 NFC championship game with Erin Andrews and Richard Sherman. So he could do his unfunny Erin Andrews impression.

Anyway, yeah, this show is dead. Maybe if he moves to CBS as is rumored that'll be a chance to restart, IMO Rome's show has improved a bit since he went there. I understand not wanting to pay for Rome's podcast, if you want a better show for free check out Dan LeBatard.
Jay Mohr Sports / my thoughts on why this show stinks
« Last post by theDSsucks on November 15, 2015, 12:08:13 pm »
I am a dedicated listener, who downloads the podcast on itunes.
Just heard the Oct 9, 2015 show, and one of Byers top 3 at 5 stories involved a woman who was given krazy glue instead of eye drops, and her eye was shut and she was being interviewed about how she could lose her eye. Byer, Jonas and Mohr were clowning her. I couldn't understand this. Here is a poor woman who was given krazy glue instead of eye drops, and could lose her eye, and Jonas is like "hey meet my friend cyclops, if you need any glue just wipe her eye." Deplorable. No wonder Jay is no longer on in his own town, LA. This level of mean spiritedness flies in the face of his "motto" for positivity and good times. So good times must equal being crude and mean to those less fortunate? Hmmm, sounds like what a bully says to justify actions and behavior. 

Jay is a professional comedian, yet many times he turns into an early adolescent teen with his lowest common denominator "jokes." He is a bully, as we saw how he treated Tooey on air(!) (i wouldn't be surprised if that's why Greg left), and he has shown flashes of that bully towards Jonas as well. He cuts EVERYONE off when they talk, including his guests! Notice how angry Byer gets when Jay cuts him off? In terms of preparation for the show, what preparation? In terms of content, there is very little content. It's just a funny guy blabbing about sports for 3 hours, with a couple of "buddies." There is just no show content prepared. So it makes for a pretty random, unfocused, disoriented listening experience. Heck, even the "just shoot it" bit to end the show, should be taken out back and shot. How awkward is that? Dead silences, incomprehensible callers, inconsistent volume levels where one guy is screaming through the speakers and the next call is inaudible, etc.

So why do i listen? Rome is too expensive and Jay is free that's why. But Jay is making it more and more difficult to listen each day.   

Jay Mohr Sports / Re: Huh? What?
« Last post by El Cos on November 13, 2015, 10:25:43 am »
rumor alert!
JJ is going to move to cbs and fill the noon gap here in LA!
after rome, and before roggin.
making for a killer heart of the order for 980AM
which is better tthan the rest of the local bullshit here of "sports radio"
 ;) ;) ;) ;) 8)
Jay Mohr Sports / Re: Huh? What?
« Last post by Steve in HTown on November 06, 2015, 03:42:21 pm »
its literally a web site

Jay Mohr Sports / Huh? What?
« Last post by bjax420 on November 06, 2015, 09:24:23 am »
There doesn't seem to be any action on this site anymore. C'mon Mohrriors post harder.........
Jay Mohr Sports / Jay just vehemently defended the Kardashians
« Last post by DavidInAlief on October 14, 2015, 09:16:35 pm »

I'm out.
Jay Mohr Sports / Re: He's a Veteran !! Where's Toohey?
« Last post by DavidInAlief on September 14, 2015, 11:06:46 pm »
Listened to Friday's podcast....and JJ was slobbering all over Jonas Knox. Said something like "Jonas, the best radio producer ever" or similar. Wow, dial it back a bit JJ, Romey sucking up to Kyle Brandt thinks this is a bit over the top. Sorry to see Toohey go, and we will probably never know why, but erasing him from existence and immediately fawning over the new guy is bad form, IMO.

I noticed this too. Makes me wonder between him saying stuff like that and not even acknowledging Toohey's departure if there wasn't  bad end to thier working relationship.
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